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Looser or Greater, Which Will It Be.

As I am reading this book GREATER, I find that we each face a choice. We can stick with our comfortable, rather worn-out lesser looser life or move into an unknown, untested, scary greater life.  I was thinking about Christmas and how much we love our traditions.  In our family we have some traditions that you just don’t mess with, know what I mean?  Maybe you have a pair of jeans or a pair of  slippers which just fit you so well that you don’t want to give them up.  I had a pair of flats like that when I was a girl.  I wore those shoes until they literally fell off my feet!  At the time we were on a trip and I had not even brought another pair of shoes with me!  I went the rest of the trip barefooted.

Our lives can be like that too.  We are used to the sameness.  We may not like it.  We may kind of wish there was something better, something more exciting, but we are used to this life and it’s alright.  At least I am not starving or without shelter.  I live in a free country.  It’s not a bad life.  It’s just not a life that I wake-up each day excited.  Do you feel that way too?

Pastor Furtick talked about starting Elevation Church and I think that is awesome.  I have watch many of their services and they are really good. I have been in on two make that three church starts.  And I have been in on three church failures.  Right now I am in a regular, dependable, boring church.  It is stable.  It will be here next year and the year after.  We do a lot of work for the community.  Our world missions program, which I help head, is alright.  No bells or whistles.  No fire works.  It’s just church.  I have a hard time believing that this is all there is.  I can remember when my older sister got married and was out on her own.  She came home one day and said something like this: “Grandpa, is this all there is to life?  I get up, go to work, come home, fix dinner, do the dishes, watch a little TV, go to bed and get up the next day and do the same thing.”  To which my grandpa replied, “yep, that’s it”.

I don’t want grandpa to be right on this one.  I want so badly to believe that there is more to life than this.  Yet, when I look in the mirror, I see a nobody.  I have no gifts or talents, that I am aware of, to share with the world.  I don’t feel like I do anything to influence anyone for the better.  I realize that I can’t know that for sure one way or the other.  But I am so tired of this sameness.  It feels hopeless to me.  I am struggling to believe that God will take someone like me and turn my life around to make it into something He will get glory from.

Lord, help thou my unbelief.

As I looked back over this page, I find I must apologize for whining.  I sound like a child who is never satisfied.  I don’t like that either.  I am thankful for God’s many blessing to me, blessing that I did not earn and do not deserve.  God is good to the lovely and the unlovely.  God will use who He wills to use.  God is God and I am not!

UPDATE – 9/14/2015

When I wrote this post I really did feel like my life to not live up to any of my hopes.  Yet since I wrote this I took on the role of a Small Group Leader with P31OBS.  I have love it.  My church has a new, young pastor who is totally awesome.  I need to be around some younger people to bring life to the landscape.  Our worship services are top notch.  We have more enthusiasm as a congregation.  More new, young adult are attending.  That said, there is still room for much progress.  I have backed away from leading World Missions because of lack of support.  I am hoping one of these younger people will breath life into this program.  There is so much need in the world.  I realize that we can’t solve every problem, fed every child, help every widow or fund every orphanage and school.  I just want us to stretch ourselves to be GREATER.  Greater servants of the Kingdom of God.  Greater examples of the love of Jesus Christ.  That was the message of GREATER by Steven Furtick.  Be more, be better, reach for the Greater in your life.

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